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Monday, 1 December 2014

3d origami melody !

Hi there!
        Another day I saw some videos online and liked melody a lot. So I used some colored paper to complete my melody with cute paper handmade flower in her hair. You can see I have added some pencils to it with handmade pencil toppers on them. I will use it as pencil holder. Here are pics:

3d Origami penguin, chicken and dragon boat

Hello All,
           Here are some other very lil and super cute 3d penguin, chick and small dragon boat. I used some google eyes and paper beak and feet for the same.
Here are some pictures:

3d origami flower vase

Hello All,
          I made this beautiful origami vase with crepe paper carnations for Gurudwara (Sikh temple). It came out so good. I was planning initially to put colored base with white at the top but I changed my mind. I made it upside down and used closed base to narrow the neck of the vase. Flowers came out very nice and bright. Here are some pictures:


Hello All,
            Today I am posting some of more projects I did recently. Here are the pictures and their description....

First I tried my hands on Decoupage... I love how it came out!!
Its a wooden box which I gessoed first and then painted with acrylic paint matching the background of the paper napkin. Then instead of using decoupage glue, I used normal white thinned with water and finally top coat of Liquitex gloss varnish.
Isnt it so vintagy??

I am planning to do some more projects using decoupaging!! I tried one with wooden hangar also using vintage look newspaper. I will post the picture soon!! My phone was not responding and I could not transfer the picture to my computer yet. Will post my other projects too!