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Monday, 1 December 2014

3d origami melody !

Hi there!
        Another day I saw some videos online and liked melody a lot. So I used some colored paper to complete my melody with cute paper handmade flower in her hair. You can see I have added some pencils to it with handmade pencil toppers on them. I will use it as pencil holder. Here are pics:

3d Origami penguin, chicken and dragon boat

Hello All,
           Here are some other very lil and super cute 3d penguin, chick and small dragon boat. I used some google eyes and paper beak and feet for the same.
Here are some pictures:

3d origami flower vase

Hello All,
          I made this beautiful origami vase with crepe paper carnations for Gurudwara (Sikh temple). It came out so good. I was planning initially to put colored base with white at the top but I changed my mind. I made it upside down and used closed base to narrow the neck of the vase. Flowers came out very nice and bright. Here are some pictures:


Hello All,
            Today I am posting some of more projects I did recently. Here are the pictures and their description....

First I tried my hands on Decoupage... I love how it came out!!
Its a wooden box which I gessoed first and then painted with acrylic paint matching the background of the paper napkin. Then instead of using decoupage glue, I used normal white thinned with water and finally top coat of Liquitex gloss varnish.
Isnt it so vintagy??

I am planning to do some more projects using decoupaging!! I tried one with wooden hangar also using vintage look newspaper. I will post the picture soon!! My phone was not responding and I could not transfer the picture to my computer yet. Will post my other projects too!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

RAKHI BOX for brothers

This Rakhi box is 15X15 cm with one pillow box, 1 rakhi box with quilled rakhi show in first picture, another 1 inch box for lil gift and mini notebook. You can add any other items as you want. I added some candies, chocolates and eraser sharpener combo inside the box.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

3D origami basket

Hello All,
            Today I am posting my latest product - a 3D origami basket. I find it real cute since it is easy to carry and wonderful item for gifting chocolates or other items. You can use it as a pooja basket with fresh flowers or showcase it for home decor.
I used a combination of green and yellow which came out very nice.
I used some local buys of flowers, pollens to decorate it. Hope you all like it!!
Please post your comments on this product and your suggestions for any changes are welcomed!

Here are some pics of the product:

Sunday, 13 April 2014

3D pencil and pens holder

Hello to all visitors!!
              This is my first blog, I hope you will like it. Please excuse any mistakes. After watching lots of crafty videos and learning a lot on-line, I started my work with a 3D basket made from my husband's manuals, I am posting picture of the same. A cute candy holder, a 3D origami vase with coloured paper lilies and Versailles rose and an origami swan which can either be used as a room decor item or as a pen/pencil holder. Currently I tried my hands on the items using material readily available at home. Will soon come up with new work. Fingers crossed!! 

3D basket with puffed stars

Candy holder made from bright self print CS

3D origami vase with stand and paper lilies, Versailles rose and buds

3D origami swan as pen/pencil/brushes holder